Tuesday, May 25, 2010

God Can Heal My Son

(By Anonymous)

My daughter informed us that my son told her he was gay. He admitted to having been abused by at least two people when he was a young boy. In his late teens he attended a party where he was brutally raped. Do I need to tell you how my heart shattered? My dad was an abuser. I suspect strongly he was one of my son’s molesters.

Every part of me wanted to protect my children and I found out I had failed to do that. After my own devastation at growing up in an abusive home, I had done everything I could think of to provide a safe place for my own children. Believe me, I talked to God about this. How could this happen to yet another generation?

I pray for my son's healing. He's a wonderful person--a broken person. I'm not discouraged, because I have faith. Faith is the hope of things to come. And in my case, it's based on God's track record in my own life. My son lives, as I do, in a sinful world and the consequences of others' choices pours over onto us sometimes. But God raises us up when we call on him. I know He can heal my son because he healed me.

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