Friday, September 27, 2013

Facing Monsters

(This blog post comes from Mark Cooper.)

A friend recently commented that he sees me as one of the bravest people he knows because of the things I have faced and am learning to face as I heal. Of course, I do not see myself that way. But it did encourage me and helped to give me the following word picture.

A little child / facing monsters / Afraid and small / knowing he can't run / because he's held / by walls that surround
Years pass / A man grows / and hides the child within / believing he's free / and leaving behind / walls that surround
But the day dawns / that monsters reappear / Forcing to the surface / the childlike heart / which once again / sees walls that surround 
Fear rises / freeing the child / finally to stand / eyes on his Father / seeing through / walls that no longer surround

All who are willing to face the painful reality of past abuse are the brave ones—becoming children again, facing the monsters again, and finding the courage to see that the walls no longer imprison.

God has never repented of choosing me; therefore I am beginning to repent of limiting who God has chosen me to be.

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