Saturday, June 29, 2019

To all who visit this blog, welcome.

My name is Roger Mann and I’m a survivor and thriver from childhood sexual abuse. Cecil has asked me to continue this blog due to the request of some of us who feel it’s important to have a place to discuss, encourage and find support with other victims. I’ve agreed to do this and while it takes a bit of time to get into the administration area and I’m still feeling my way around, I wanted to say hello and let you know it’s in progress. This is my first time doing a blog so bear with me as I learn. I’ve received help from his assistant and she has been very helpful. Thank you, Twila.

I look forward to posting my comments and struggles with you and hearing of yours. May we grow and thrive together.

Thank you



Preston Hill said...

Roger, I'm very glad to see this continuation! Many thanks.

Mark said...

Hey Roger, I'm also glad that you are taking on this opportunity, ministry, resource of help. I look forward to following this blog as it continues.

jhoenshell said...

I'm brand new here and just today finished Cecil's book, When A Man You Love Was Abused, given to me by a pastor/friend. While I'm almost 60, I'm still just 12 yrs into recovery from multiple episodes of sexual abuse (involving 6 different unrelated men, spanning 13 yrs -- beginning at age 5). Talk about emotional & self-image struggles...! At any rate, Cec's book was outstanding & I'm trusting the Lord that it will be of equal help to my wife! Nevertheless, Roger, I'm thrilled that you're continuing this blog and am eager to hear what you have to say!