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There Is Nothing Wrong with Us

"There is nothing wrong with us; something wrong was done to us."

I don't remember where I read those words, but they have stayed with me.

Like a lot of other men, I felt I was defective or flawed. I didn't think much about God because I thought God only liked good people, and I certainly didn't qualify. I felt ashamed; I felt worthless.

"There is nothing wrong with me; something wrong was done to me." That's how I say it now.


Anonymous said...

I've always had a memory.
It didn't seem wrong.
Now I know it was, and I see how it affected me.

Cecil Murphey said...

Thank you, anonymous, for those 3 sentences. In a short space you've said a great deal.
Before I faced my abuse, my memories (and there were few) was that I lived a normal childhood. BUT I had one memory of wanting to kill myself at age 11. That didn't make sense to me. Now I understand.

Please comment more. We learn from each other.