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Damaged but Protected

(By Gary Roe)

When people find out I was sexually abused as a child, they are shocked. “I’m so sorry that happened to you. Children should be protected,” they often say.

“I was protected,” I respond.

Yes, I was severely abused by people close to me, but I also strongly believe that God protected me. The damage has been severe, but it could have been so much worse.

For example, my desire from childhood has been to make a difference by helping hurting people. I have always been in a helping profession. I believe that was God, turning evil around and into something positive.

My heart and soul were damaged, but not destroyed. In some sense, I was protected against the full onslaught of evil. And now God is working in me to bring more healing, not just to myself but to others as well.

It’s interesting that the more available I am to God to be used in the lives of others, the more healing seems to come my way. Over time, I am able to see even more of God’s protection in my life, and my heart begins to relax a little more.

We were damaged, but not destroyed. Now God wants to bring healing and let us experience his goodness. If I can open up and heal, you can to. We’re in this together.

I was damaged, but not destroyed.

I can heal and experience God’s wonderful goodness.

(This post was adapted from Not Quite Healed, written by Cecil Murphey and Gary Roe.)


Anonymous said...

Oh Wow!!!! This opened my eyes to something - I always felt unprotected during my abuse. It took years to realize God was there, but I thought of His presence more as comforting, not protection. I didn't see His comforting presence in my past until a few years ago. But you are right, I was protected - not the way I wanted Him to protect me - staying my father's hand and body. But God DID protect me in what I call the "nots." I did not get pregnant. He did not kill me. I did not get a sexually transmitted disease (he slept around). I did not go insane. I did not kill myself. Yes, He did protect me. And now, by His grace, I too am able to reach out and help hurting people. God is Good and He did protect me. Thanks for this insight.

Mark said...

I was abused as a very young boy, which led to a very dark teenaged existence - a time I felt completely alone. In recent days I have finally come to see that during those years, God WAS there. He Himself was my covering, when no one else was. And, He's still here, now!