Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When Is Healing Complete?

Is any man totally healed from childhood molestation? I don't know. I can speak for myself and say, "Not quite." I no longer feel the pain. Occasionally--and less frequently as time goes by--I have a flashback of an episode from my childhood. Even when I have one, it comes more like a memory of something that happened in the past with no heavy emotion tangled up with it. Despite that, I can sincerely say I've been healed....

First, I can usually talk about my sexual abuse without tearing up. I don't feel strange or odd when talking about the experience. To the contrary, speaking about male sexual assault, and especially when I tell about my own, strengthens me.

Second--and some men never make this stage--I look back and thank God. I'm not thankful for the abuse, but I am thankful for the good things that have come out of my dealing with it.

--excerpted from When A Man You Love Was Abused by Cecil Murphey, Kregel Publications, 2010, page 162.

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Tamar's Redemption said...

You are living proof that God doesn't waste pain. Your book is excellent. I have one copy as a resource and one to share. Thanks for allowing God to transform your pain into hope for others. Carolyn Ruch, Tamar's Redemption