Friday, December 10, 2010

A Response from Another Listener of the Janet Parshall Show

A note from Cec: I received permission to use this testimony provided I alter it enough so that no one would recognize the woman's son. This is one of the many, many sad stories without a happy ending—so far.

Thank you for talking about this problem that nobody seems to want to touch on. I wish there was more awareness and more help for the victims and their parents.

My son was abused by a pedophile in Europe when I sent him to visit with my family and his father. He didn't tell anybody what happened to him until he came back home.

This happened when he was nine years old. I must have cried ever since for him. I was a single mom without insurance and there was absolutely no help for him that I could afford.

When he was 18 he was raped again. He is now 24 years old and has a hard time holding a job and is often homeless. He has tried to escape his pain with drugs and alcohol and just today he told me that none of that helped him to get rid of that feeling of filth.

He was a very intelligent child, great in math and he spoke three languages fluent by the age of six, but he is not using any of it to his advantage.

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