Friday, April 29, 2011

More Comments from Heather

This came from Heather.

I had been seriously sexually abused as a child, my father raped me for years, and my mom had full knowledge of what was going on. There are those in our church who have a history of abuse and abusers, and I treat them nicely and accept them, but am prudent.

Right now I am working on a memoir about the abuse, so the feelings are raw, and God is working on healing those feelings in me. Healing is such a process--sort of like peeling the layers of an onion. I have even forgiven my abusers, but the posts on your blog have shown me there is more work to be done.

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Rebecca said...

This is such good news about such a hard topic. Thank you! I recently ordered, received and read your latest book. It is very helpful. Keep writing!!
Scars remind us of the healing that has occurred.