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My Past

(This post comes from Dr. Loren Due. He is a survivor of sexual abuse and this is his reflection on his life.)

One of the key lessons I learned is that the negative experiences of the past were turned into seeds of benefit that continue to bless me.

I decided early on that I would not be like my father, no matter what. . . .

While raising my son, I made the decision to support him and be strategically involved in all he did. I was active in my son's school life, making sure his teachers and administrators knew me. I volunteered my time for school activities and made sure I attended his games (basketball, football, and soccer) from elementary school through college no matter what was happening in my life. I missed only two games in sixteen years.

The kindest comment my son made to my current wife was that he felt I was the best dad he could ever ask for. It's such a joy when I give him a big hug and he responds. Through all my foolishness, he always knew I loved him.

—excerpted by permission from Teddy Bear: Stolen Innocence! by Dr. Loren Due, (Dr. Due Books, 2009), pages 46–47.

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Heather Marsten said...

Thank you for this post. You are right, we don't have to perpetuate our abuse, we can change the pattern. Your son is very blessed to have a loving father. I am so glad that he was able to have the kind of father you did not have.

My pastor once asked me how I could be such a good mother given the abuse my parents inflicted on me, I told him, "It's easy. I think about what my parents would have done in the situation and I do the opposite."

Thanks for sharing from your heart. Your posts are so helpful.