Friday, March 15, 2013

Female Perpetrators

I received a personal email from Andrew Schmutzer after my last blog entry posted:
As a male survivor, I’ve really appreciated the brief and potent thoughts you consistently share in Shattering the Silence. Regarding this entry, I thought I would mention that females are also perpetrators—against both men and women. Because some male survivors feel doubly estranged by this reality, may I suggest that you ‘open your description’ to more than a bald ‘He?’ A one-size-fits-all offender can be very difficult for some men to stomach.
Females are perpetrators, and I appreciate Andrews's comments. My first perpetrator was a woman, and I've heard many others echo the same statement. I recently read that 38 percent of male abusers are females (I have no idea how to validate that figure).

Gary Roe, who is my co-writer on our soon-to-be released book, Not Quite Healed, was (like me) molested by both a female and male.

As Andrew points out, being molested by a female does double damage to survivors.

Those of you who have been molested by females: Will you email me personally about your experience, especially the ongoing after-effects?

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