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I Like Who I Am

(By Cecil Murphey)

The first time I said aloud (and meant the words), "I like who I am," it was a shock. I spoke those words when I was on my normal, early morning run.

"I like who I am."

The words felt right. I did like myself. I repeated the sentence several times and smiled. I had been on my healing journey about a decade before I made that simple declaration. That was one of the powerful moments in my recovery. I'm still learning to appreciate who I am and to enjoy being Cec Murphey.

Since then, here's the sentence I say aloud every morning: "I like who I am, I like who I used to be, and I like who I am becoming."

The words were a long time in coming, but they're true and they express the deep self-love and self-appreciation each of us needs.

I like who I am; 
I'm growing in my self-appreciation.

(This post is adapted from Not Quite Healed, written by Cecil Murphey and Gary Roe.)

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