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Learning New Things

(an encore post by Cecil Murphey)

Years have passed since I dealt with my abuse. I cried so much the first two years I wondered if I would ever stop. But I gained insights about my behavior. I realized there were times when I spoke angrily and wasn't even aware of the tone I conveyed.

It still surprises me to gain perspective about myself that stems from the abuse of childhood. I constantly see new ways in which my past changed the way I see the world and react to people.

The more those things happen, the more victorious I feel. And even better: The more I like who I have become.


Joseph said...

I think what you say in this post goes hand-in-hand with what Robert said about himself when he was able to "recognize that my personality is a gift from God, NOT a sign of weakness and less masculine. I am truly thankful to be who I am now and I am learning to embrace this sensitive side of myself....because I know I can better be the hands of Jesus when I accept this gift HE has given me." I had not thought of it that way, but I think he's nailed it here.

Anonymous said...

I only hope that my husband, who moved out 1 1/2 years ago, and filed for divorce last August, is dealing with his hurts. I have tried to tell him I am here for him, but he has not changed his mind, though I sense an emotional connection yet with me. He seems to want to do it to get the house sold, where a lot of debt he caused is. He hasn't told everyone he is divorcing me, and still hids it.