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A Former Addict

One former addict wrote me, "I stayed zapped and blocked from my feelings for nine years. When I decided to face my issues, my therapist said, "Your drug addiction probably saved your life."

He went on to say that he was convinced the only reason he didn't kill himself was that the street drugs made the pain bearable.

"A guy I grew up with invited me to Celebrate Recovery. He had been on booze but got sober and stayed that way."

The writer said he went to his first CR meeting and didn't like it very much but he promised his friend he would go back at least once more. Here's his comment about his second visit: "In the small group, one man spoke about being abused by a neighbor. As I listened, I felt he was talking about me. I started to cry."

The anonymous writer went on to say he hasn't been on drugs for nearly two years. "I'm happy to be alive. I guess I'm also lucky to be alive."

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