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"I Lost My Faith"

"I lost my faith, if I really had any, when I was nine," Nick's email began. He said the youth pastor of his church befriended him. "That was cool because my dad and mom were always working or lying in front of the TV. My pastor took me to ball games and taught me wrestling techniques."

One evening after everyone else had left the church gym, Nick and the youth pastor went to the showers. He hugged Nick, held him, and began to fondle him.

"I was scared and didn't know what to do. He was supposed to be like my best friend." Nick did nothing. "But I hated myself and I hated God for letting that sicko do that to me."

He stopped going to church.

Nick hasn't returned to God, but he has started to attend a charismatic church in Ohio. "I think I'm sneaking back into the faith," were his closing words.

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